Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Piloting of light aircraft is a skill that can be taught to almost anyone. However, learning to be an aviator takes practice, dedication and an awareness of the environment in which aircraft operate. That means becoming familiar with weather patterns, air traffic control, radio procedure, aircraft maintenance, safety, and a whole host of other factors that go towards making an experienced pilot. In general flying is a past time that is unforgiving of those that take short cuts but very rewarding to those who fly by the rules.

If you have a desire to learn to fly we suggest you visit the airfield and chat to a Committee member. Saturdays are the best day to come and experience the action and ask questions. Alternatively you can contact the flying schools based at the airfield directly:

Morningstar Flight Academy
Stick n’ Throttle

M.F.A. Instructors

Len Klopper

Highly experienced Gyroplane display pilot and instructor Len offers training on single, two-seat, Tandem & side-by-side Gyros.

Dick Henry

With 30 000 hrs of flying under his belt Dick is a real asset to any Flight School!
From tail draggers to aerobatics, P.P.L. or L.S.A. Dick can handle them all, offering initial training, conversions, flight tests and and advanced training.

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