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Aviation enthusiasts who enjoy everything relating to recreational aviation.

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Learning to fly has never been easier or more convenient!

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The Morningstar Flying Club, founded over 27 years ago, is a fraternity of aviation enthusiasts who enjoy everything relating to recreational aviation. All our members are passionate about flying and anyone who shares this vision is welcome to join us.

Joining the Airspace

Noise abatement: The residents of the surrounding areas value their peace and quiet so let’s respect this by not creating unnecessary noise when operating our aircraft.

Webcam 1 Morningstar North

Webcam 2 Morningstar South

To Provide

An efficient, organised and safe environment for members and visitors at MFC facilities – our Club is based at Morningstar Airfield.

To Promote

The sport of Flying and, in particular, that of Non-Type Certified Aircraft.

To Instruct

The advancement of piloting and technical skills of members through education and participation in competitions and technical courses.

To Share

The experience of flight and sport aviation with the non-flying community.

Membership Info

Any person may apply for membership of the Morningstar Flying Club. Prospective applicants are requested to attend a monthly meeting and to fill in and submit a membership application.

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