You can do your first solo flight for your Private Pilots Licence once you have turned 17 years old. If you start your flight training at 16, you will have to wait an entire year before being able to do your first solo flight. This is not ideal, as you will have to keep up your flying skills, and this costs more money. We suggest starting your flight training a few months before your 17th birthday.

Yes you can! We offer a selection of study options. Ground school and training flights will be arranged to fit in with your schooling schedule and you will be able to set your own pace. We recommend training flights to take place at least twice a week. If you are interested in becoming a Commercial Pilot, the earlier you start your flight training, the better. If you start your flight training at the age of 17, you could be ready to qualify for your Commercial Pilots Licence during your first year after matric. This means, you could be a Commercial Pilot or even a flight instructor by the age of 19.

Definitely. We will arrange ground school classes and training flights over weekends and in the evenings. Most of the training is one-on-one, so you will be able to arrange the best times for your flight training with your instructor.

There are many factors to take into consideration as each individual is different and has different circumstances. Some students will be able to fly every day or every evening, while others will only be able to have training twice or three times a week. Each student sets his/her own pace when training for their PPL. It can take anything from 3 to 12 months to complete.

A full PPL can be completed in as little as 6 weeks but can also take up to 3 months to complete. There are many factors involved which determine how fast a student can complete the training. For example: Flight training will be quicker to complete in summer than in winter due to rain and cloud cover.

A minimum of 45 hours is required by law. This will consist of 25 hours flying with your instructor, 15 hours solo flight and a further 5 hours instrument rating. Keep in mind this is the minimum amount of hours. We will only let a student fly solo if we are confident he/she is up to standard.

There is no limit to how old you can be to learn how to fly. As long as you pass the relevant medical exams you can get your pilots licence. If you have been declared medically unfit, you will not be able to start training for your pilots licence.

It is difficult to give an exact amount, but if the PPL is completed in the minimum hours required by law and all the exams are passed on the first attempt, the cost will be approximately R97 000.00 including all your study material and ground school. For a more detailed costing breakdown, please contact our office.

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