About Us

The Morningstar Flying Club, founded over 27 years ago, is a fraternity of aviation enthusiasts who enjoy everything relating to recreational aviation.

About Us

Morningstar airfield has been active for almost 27 years. It was around 1990 when a few microlight pilot enthusiasts approached the City of Cape Town with a proposal to lease a portion of Cape Farms 153 to establish a runway and flying club. Initially the airfield was called Koeberg Flight Park and those early pioneers had to carve out a runway amongst the bush to form the Western Cape Microlight Club (WCMC), which focussed on the building and flying of weight shift microlights.

Over the years the shape of microlight aviation changed as aircraft and engine design advanced rapidly. The introduction of a new class of airplane called Light Sport meant that these aircraft became more traditional in design. In addition, there was a growth in the building of experimental homebuilt aircraft kits, sourced mainly from the USA. These developments led to a growth in recreational flying as it became easier for enthusiasts to build and fly light aircraft.

The consequence has been that there has been a rapid growth in membership. But these developments in light aircraft design also meant that the old club no longer represented the kind of aircraft being flown out of Morningstar airfield. Thus, the name of the club was changed to the MORNINGSTAR FLYING CLUB.

However, what has not changed is the Club’s commitment to growing recreational and sport aviation in Cape Town. Our members are drawn from all walks of life and all one needs to join in the fun is to have passion for aviation and a desire to learn to fly. The Club has more than 350 members and there are over 200 aircraft housed in the more than 90 hangars erected on the airfield. 

There is an active SACAA accredited flying school that offers new members instruction on fixed wing aircraft and gyrocopters. There is also an aircraft maintenance organisation that services club and school aircraft to ensure their airworthiness and safety. The Club has many airline pilot and other experienced members who are always ready to share their experience and knowledge with new pilots to help them become safer pilots. This all makes the Club one of the most active and progressive flying clubs in the country.

However, the Club also recognises its social responsibility to the less fortunate members of Cape Town society. Its members regularly offer flights to less privileged individuals, hosts Scouts SA as well as many other organisations involved in charity work. The Club and its members have also started a scholarship program to assist less privileged individuals gain their private pilots licence.


  • To promote the sport of flying and, in particular, that of Non Type Certified Aircraft.
  • To carry out all the normal functions of aviation related sporting and recreational club in a non- profit manner.
  • To control and operate the land lease from the Land Owners of Morningstar Airfield.
  • To manage an efficient, organised and safe aerodrome.
  • To control the operation and safety of recreational flying in any area where the club may have jurisdiction.
  • To maintain the discipline of club members with regard to the requirements of the Club Constitution and Rules of the Club.
  • To promote the Club’s interest with the Aero Club of South Africa, the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority and the public.
  • Furthermore, the Club recognizes the need to promote aviation with less privileged and Previously Disadvantaged Individuals.


The MORNINGSTAR FLYING CLUB is a non-discriminatory and harassment free organization that abides by the following code of conduct:

  • The purpose of this code is to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all Club members and those who participate in the activities of flying aircraft. 
  • The Club seeks to provide a safe environment for all its members and those who participate in the activities of flying aircraft. 
  • This code confirms that the Club, its committee and its members will not tolerate harassment, victimization or abuse of those involved in it, or its member’s activities.
  • This code records the Club’s commitment to strong ethical principles, requiring that all people participating in its activities must comply with principles of responsible and professional behaviour. 
  • The MFC advocates that everyone who participates in its and its members’ activities have the right to be treated with respect and dignity and that they have the right to have any complaints dealt with in a fair, confidential and sensitive manner. 

Contact Details

Club House: +27 (0)21 200 1818


General Enquiries:
Heather Mienie

Membership Enquiries:
Heather Mienie

Timothy Irvine

Alan Fergus

Ian Beere

Mark Hensman

Jaap Scholten

Airfield & Hangars:
Charl Starke

Yeager Starke

Yeager Starke

Physical address

Morningstar Airfield,
Old Malmesbury Road,
Cape Town,

Postal address

P.O.Box 237,
Cape Town,


Geolocation: Morningstar Airfield
Latitude: -33.7623256
Longitude: 18.548525100000006

DMS: S33º45’44.3736″ E18º32’54.69″

Banking Details

Standard Bank
Constantia Branch: 025309
(EFT general code 051001)
Account Number: 045693714


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