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Morningstar Hangar Site Allocation Survey

Dear members

As you know, our February club meeting was dedicated solely to a single topic, namely the airfield lease. The objectives for the meeting were two-fold: firstly, to bring the members up to speed with the latest developments in the lease negotiation process and secondly to allow them to have their say on what is undoubtably the most important decision the club has faced in many years.

After a presentation of the facts we enjoyed a robust debate, during which all of those present had a chance to share their views. Each topic raised was discussed in detail, until the facts were well understood. Finally, the question was put to a vote and, apart from a single nay and one abstention, the vote was unanimously in favour of signing the lease.

I can now confirm that the lease has been signed and that we are moving on to the next steps which were discussed during the meeting. There is a lot more work to be done and all of the committee members are going to be busy. As always, we welcome any assistance.

With the lease finally secured, those who have been waiting to build on their stands can start submitting their building plans. As always, building plans need to be approved by council before any work is done. Please email if you intend to do any building, so that we can coordinate things. There are considerations, such as environmental impact, that we have to manage very carefully.

This brings us to the topic of vacant stands. There are a handful of unallocated stands on the airfield and it seems as if there is much more demand than can be met – we are continually contacted by members (and non-members from up country) who want to buy or build their own hangars at the airfield. So the question of plot allocation is another hot topic.

With that in mind, please take the time to complete this survey below, whether you wish to secure a stand or not. These are important questions which may affect the future development, and the culture, of our club.

Thank you

Edge Bisset
Chairman – Morningstar Flying Club

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