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Koos de Jager

Name: JH De Jager ( Koos )

Qualifications: SA ATP, Grade II Flight Instructor, UK ATP, USA ATP, Korean ATP

How many flying hours do you have? 24 800

How many aircraft are you rated on? 47

What is your favourite aircraft to fly and why?
Boeing 747 400. It has power, speed and issimple to operate.

The perfect student would be:
The perfect student, if there is such an animal, comes to the lesson well prepared. i.e.: Knows the SOP, procedures and checklists 100{6e0abf54e1e3863932e3e0bffa32495f4bc9e71d6c22ebb868d7240538edb471} – The flying is then easier.

I have always wanted to fly. When I left school I joined the SAAF and then the SAA. I like to pass on my knowledge to new pilots and see them progress.

Safety is of the utmost importance! Never rush when you go flying; do all the paperwork, pre-flight, post flight, fly in a methodical manner and your flight should be a safe one.

When I’m not flying I play tenor sax in a jazz band and sing tenor in the Cape Town Symphony Choir.

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  1. Albert Questiaux

    Congratulations Koos, that’s a lot of flying hours. I never realized when we were in boarding school that you wanted to be a pilot.
    Now to try convince you to convert to choppers:-) Ali

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