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Morningstar Flying Club

Learning to fly has never been easier or more convenient! Situated 20 minutes outside Cape Town off the N7 the Morningstar Flight Academy at the Morningstar Flying Club offers a wide range of flight training. We have our own Sling aircraft for use in training and Hire-&-Fly. Our pool of instructors is on hand to cater for your training needs.

The Academy, based at Morningstar airfield offers the following:

Initial training, conversions and flight tests for:

  • Weight shift – Trikes
  • Traditional microlights
  • L.S.A. – National Pilots Licence
  • Gyrocopter
  • P.P.L.

For more details contact: MFA Office 087 910 0978 or 021 3000641


Bookings for flight training are done through an automated booking system – to be used by registered users only: All payments relating to MFC and bookings for flight training are to be paid into the following bank account:

FNB N1 City
Branch: 260655
Account Number: 62411098595

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